about us

Crave is a faith community that came together in 2008. We are people who are passionate about following Jesus, sharing life, and making a difference in the world.

We Believe that through faith and community, God can transform this world and people’s lives within it. We want you to be a part of the story!

At the Heart of our community is a weekly worship service that meets at 4pm every Sunday in the city. We meet with God and strengthen our friendships with each other. We connect during the week for small groups, bible studies, social get togethers, and community outreaches.

Our Mission

To Let the love of Jesus shine through us, out from the heart of Sydney, so that it transforms individuals, communities, and cultures.

Our Passions

God’s Presence
Vibrant Community
Human Thriving
Impacting Culture

Key Mission Objectives

To the individual

We seek to re-awaken the created purpose of individuals to worship God and share their world. We do this by sharing the gospel of Jesus, teaching people His ways, and leading them into His presence.

To our church

Our community is engaged in building one another up into a people who worship God. In doing so, we hope to draw many others into the presence of God. Within this worshipping community, we seek to model a culture of generosity, Honour, depth, and authenticity.

To our world

We seek to bring God’s presence and peace into our world. Our purpose is to release the liberating power of God against every unjust structure or power. In particular, we oppose any power that destroys creation, causes poverty and suffering, or undermines human dignity.